Anonymous sent: omgomgomg *cries* I love your art so much!! I just found ur blog and oh my goodness ur art is beautiful ♥(ノ´∀`)thank u so much!

Oh no, thank you (´∀`)♥ I’m glad you like it!

A quickie before sleep

I’m too much of a cat person to truly appreciate puppy Ren, so…

peculiarmarsu sent: ~2, 5 & 14~

2. What art-related sites have you ever signed up for?
Only 2 if you don’t count this blog. The first one was a fantasy art site called Elfwood. I signed up there the day I turned 13 and my old art can still be found there! ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ The other one is deviantart.

5. Do you practice other styles/have you tried other styles in the past?
I have occasionally tried new things and techniques, but I’m not sure if I could call it “style breaking” (???) I never really feel like I have a clearly defined style anyway. One of my favorite old drawing where I tried something new is this one, where I experimented with white.

14. What do you like drawing the most?
I… don’t know? The first thing that comes to my mind is chests and torsos. Also cartoon ponies are super fun to draw, for some reason.

Human Applejack + palette 11? Pretty please? c:

Only for you, dear! Incredibly late as usual but…. better late than never?

Artist Ask Meme



So, it’s the weekend and maybe I’m a little bored so I’m doing this artist ask meme thing I saw floating around awhile ago. So ask away if you’ve ever wanted to know any of these things! :D


Put a number in my ask box!:

  1. When did you get into art?
  2. What art-related sites have you ever signed up for?
  3. Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.
  4. What defines your artistic style?
  5. Do you practice other styles/have you tried other styles in the past?
  6. What levels of artistic education have you had?
  7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.
  8. What is your favourite piece that you have done?
  9. What is your least favourite piece that you have done?
  10. What do you like most about your art?
  11. What do you like least about your art?
  12. Have you ever considered taking commissions?
  13. Are you looking to pursue a career in art?
  14. What do you like drawing the most?
  15. What do you like drawing the least?
  16. Do you draw more fanart or original art? If fanart, what fandom do you draw the most of?
  17. What would you absolutely refuse to draw?
  18. What is your purpose for drawing?
  19. What medium/program do you use the most in your art?
  20. How would you rank your art? (poor, mediocre, good, etc.)
  21. Do you believe there is such thing as “bad art?”
  22. List at least one of your “artspirations.”
  23. What do you think you could stand to improve on?
  24. Do you have a shameful art past? (recolour sprite comics, tracing art, etc.?

Anonymous sent: hey, uh, i saw your art for the clear/aoba merman thingy. may i just tell you that you're so talented at what you do omfggg

aaaaah I’m glad you like it <3

inriddlesandafairsofdeath sent: Hello ^////^ I know we've never talked, and I'm not a very well known fanfic author, but I was wondering if anyone had taken you up on the offer to make fic of your merman ClearAo art? Sorry I'll just. Leave now lksdfjlskdjflksjdfjhksjdhf *runs and hides in a corner*

*Pulls you out of corner* I love people talking to me don’t hide

Some people have but I’ll always love more! There’s a lot you can do with a merman AU and my desire is endless. And it’s not me making the rules about what people are allowed to write about, so please write whatever you want to! (´∀`) ❤



I made the mermaid AU thing  for kladderier

It was a lot of fun I might even make ch 2 today too ooooo man. I’ve been scared of the ocean since I was like 3 yet here I am writing about it. I know like 0 things about the ocean too since I live in the midwest, so I hope it is alright. Please leave kudos and comments! Thankssss. Yess


This is so lovely? fskjg I can’t

It even says chapter 1 of 20 god bless

toue-company sent: Did anyone write that fanfic yet or is it still up for grabs

Doesn’t matter if someone did because my thirst cannot be sated I need 10000 fics

So It’s always up for grabs and I will read every single one of them

Can someone please write me a 20 chapter merman AU fanfic with clearao

Romano in 17? :)
Incredibly slow with these, as usual. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

I have attempted to give this blog a theme

Cover everything in my own junk, that will surely work

If you’re doing the colour meme, Chell with no.16?

Done! Wow, this was harder than I thought it would be. 

It was such a long time since I drew these two! Old loves of my heart. (‘∀’●)

Send me a character and a number and I will draw it